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Virus - Relax

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Virus was an Argentine New wave music band, led by Federico Moura until his death on December 21, 1988 from AIDS-related complications. Virus was the result of the merge of two bands from La Plata, Las Violetas, where Federico Moura was the leading vocal, Mario Serra (Virus drummer), his brother Ricardo Serra (rhythm guitar; Ricardo left the band after the 3rd record of the group "Agujero Interior" due to artistic misunderstandings) Cirso Iseas in guitar and Nestor Madrid, as bass player. The other group was "Marabunta" lead by Pablo Tapia in vocals, (Aguirre's frontman in the 90's), Enrique Mugetti in bass (Virus bass player) Julio Moura in leading guitars (Virus mains guitarist and composer) and his brother Marcelo Moura in keyboards. After a successful, but not a painless career, Virus released 7 records with Federico in leading vocals (Wadu-Wadu, Recrudece, Agujero Interior, Relax, Locura, Vivo, Superficies de Placer), before he was diagnosed with AIDS in 1987, and his later death in 1988. His brother Marcelo then became lead singer, and released "Tierra del Fuego" early in 1989. The band gave its final performance on September 29, 1990, in a support slot to David Bowie. Virus reunited in 1994 and has had some sporadic activity, without recovering its previous popularity. Their latest album, Caja Negra (2006) features live versions of their classics, together with 5 new studio tracks, with invited artists influenced by the band: Ale Sergi (Miranda!), Adrián Dárgelos (Babasónicos), Pity Álvarez (Intoxicados) and Ciro Pertusi (Attaque 77). Moura was a talented frontman, regarded as one of the best voices in Argentine rock; this, together with an ensemble talented musicians, revolutioned Argentine rock. Roberto Jacoby has written the group lyrics since its beginnings. Some of their best-known songs are Wadu Wadu, El rock en mi forma de ser, Hay que salir del agujero interior, Una luna de miel en la mano, Amor descartable, Imágenes paganas and Mirada Speed.

Released: 2016
Label: Discos CBS, Sony Music
Country: Argentina

A1 Sentirse Bien 3:15
A2 Me Puedo Programar 3:30
A3 Completo El Stock 4:10
A4 Desesperado Secuencia Uno 3:45
B1 Amor Descartable 3:40
B2 Juegos Incompletos 3:03
B3 Dame Una Señal 3:56
B4 Hago Más 3:20
B5 Persuadida 3:45