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Sun Ra And His Arkestra* Featuring Pharoah Sanders Featuring Black Harold - Sun Ra And His Arkestra Featuring Pharoah Sanders / Featuring Black Harold (limited edition, green vinyl)

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U.S. free-jazz ensemble that emerged during the mid-'50s. Initially centered around [a=Sun Ra] for almost 40 years, the Arkestra went through various incarnations and is still active currently under the leadership of [a=Marshall Allen]. [b]Note:[/b] Please use [b][a=The Sun Ra Arkestra][/b] as PAN for only the releases that are a variation of Arkestra. These few exceptions are not ANVs of the Arkestra and are PANs in their own right: [a1216899], [a1223627], [a1079121], [a6364673]. [b]Note:[/b] Many [b]Sun Ra Arkestra[/b] albums were published as [b]Sun Ra[/b] albums, despite being full Arkestra recordings. See [b][a=Sun Ra][/b] for more releases in the Sun Ra Arkestra discography. [b]Current lineup:[/b] [url=]Marshall Allen[/url] - alto saxophone, flute, EVI - joined in 1958 [url=]Michael Ray[/url] - trumpet, vocals - joined in 1978 [url=]Fred Adams[/url] - trumpet - joined in 1982 [url=]Knoel Scott[/url] - alto saxophone - joined in 1979 [url=]Vincent Chancey[/url] - french horn - joined in 1976 [url=]Cecil Brooks[/url] - trumpet [url=]Danny Ray Thompson[/url] - flute, baritone sax, alto sax, bassoon - joined in 1967 [url=]Abshalom Ben Shlomo[/url] - alto sax, clarinet - joined in 1970 [url=]Rey Scott[/url] - baritone saxophone - joined in 1988 [url=]Dave Davis[/url] - trombone - joined in 1997 [url=]Elson Nascimento[/url] - percussion - joined in 1988 [url=]Craig Holiday Haynes[/url] - drums - joined in 1980 [url=]D. Hotep[/url] - guitar - joined in 2000 [url=]Yahya Abdul-Majid[/url] - tenor saxophone - joined in 1980 [url=]Kash Killion[/url] - cello - joined in 1989 [url=]Bill Davis[/url] - bass - joined in 1962 [url=]Tyler Mitchell[/url] - bass - joined in 1985 [url=]Juini Booth[/url] - bass - joined in 1967 [url=]Farid Abdul-Bari Barron[/url] - piano [url=]James Stewart[/url] - tenor - joined in 2011 [url=]Craig Harris[/url] - trombone [url=]Wayne Anthony Smith Jr.[/url] - drums [a7126662] - voice, percussion, violin [url=]Atakatune[/url] ([url=]Stanley Morgan[/url]) - conga, timbal - joined in 1972 [url=]George Burton[/url] - piano - joined in 2015

Released: 2024-05-17
Label: Superior Viaduct
Country: US

A1 Gods On A Safari
A2 The World Shadow
A3 Rocket Number Nine
B1 The Voice Of Pan
B2 Dawn Over Israel
B3 Space Mates
B4 Conversation With Saturn