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Stereolab - Electrically Possessed [Switched On Vol. 4]

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Stereolab formed in London in 1990 by record collector [a=Tim Gane] (°1964) and French chanteuse [a=Laetitia Sadier] (°1968). They were active between 1990 and 2009, when the band took a 10-year hiatus. In 2019 they reunited for live performances to promote a year-long seven album reissue campaign. [a=Sean O'Hagan] was a member from 1993 to 1994 and he continued appearing on later records for occasional guest appearances. Guitar, [a=Tim Gane] (1990-2009, 2019-) Vocals, [a=Laetitia Sadier] (1990-2009, 2019-) Vocals, [a=Gina Morris] (1991) Vocals, [a=Mary Hansen] (1992-2002) Bass, [a=Martin Kean] (1990-1993) Bass, [a=Duncan Brown] (1993-1996) Bass, [a=Richard Harrison] (1996-1998) Bass, [a=Simon Johns] (1998-2009) Drums, [a=Joe Dilworth] (1990-1992) Drums, [a=Andy Ramsay] (1992-2009, 2019-) Keyboards, [a=Sean O'Hagan] (1993-1994) Keyboards, [a=Katharine Gifford] (1993-1994) Keyboards, [a=Morgane Lhote] (1996-2001) Keyboards, [a=Dominic Jeffery] (2001-2006) Keyboards, [a=Joe Watson] (2006-2009, 2019-) Horn, [a=Joe Walters] (2006-2009)

Released: 2021-02-26
Label: Duophonic Ultra High Frequency Disks, Warp Records
Country: UK

A1 Outer Bongolia
A2 Intervals
B1 Barock-Plastik
B2 Nomus Et Phusis
B3 I Feel The Air (Of Another Planet)
C1 Household Names
C2 Retrograde Mirror Form
C3 Solar Throw-Away [Original Version]
C4 Pandora's Box Of Worms
C5 L'exotisme Intérieur
D1 The Super-It
D2 Jump Drive Shout-Out
D3 Explosante Fixe
D4 Fried Monkey Eggs [Instrumental]
D5 Monkey Jelly
D6 B.U.A.
E1 Free Witch & No Bra Queen
E2 Heavy Denim Loop Pt. 2
E3 Variation One
E4 Monkey Jelly [Beats]
E5 Dimension M2
F1 Solar Throw Away
F2 Calimero
F3 Fried Monkey Eggs [Vocal]
F4 Speck Voice